The Museum

The Museo della Parola seeks to introduce visitors to the rural life and culture of Fardella: a virtual museum, a touring exhibit and permanent multimedia installations set up inside the old municipal olive press, where audiovisual material will tell the tale of this world in the words of its inhabitants.

We want to know everything about what we love and care nothing about how unimportant or useless it may be or even the scale of the effort involved.

(Beniamino Mazzilli)



Visiting Fardella means plunging into a world of colours, the red of the hills, the limpid waters, the yellow sheaves of corn, the blue of the sky, the white of the home-made pasta, the red of the wine, the varied hues of the fruit, the scarlet of wild strawberries and blackberries, the colours that play on the smiles of children and the wrinkles of the elderly, the colours of life.



Like all the towns of southern Italy, Fardella has experienced the emigration of men and women and entire families in search of better economic conditions. Their strong attachment to their hometown is still evident in the constants stream of emails sent to the municipal website from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela, the Dutch Antilles, the USA, Canada, France, the UK, Switzerland and Germany.



A land of saints and hermits like St Onophrius and Blessed John of Chiaromonte. A land of religious traditions expressing the constant faith of its people.
From the highlands to the hairpin bends of Episcopia and the surrealistic pyramids of clay and sand that stand in the dry bed of the river Sinni, the territory of Fardella is a varied and always surprising ridge between the valleys of the Sinni and the Serrapotamo.



Fardella is a town of hospitality and tranquillity where modern life has left all the flavour and language of ancient times still intact.

Raskatielli di legumi-420x240


Fardella is a land of agriculture and flavours, of typical products and authentic dishes accompanied by the good local red wine and precious spices. The home of raskatielli, pasta made with pulses that can only delight the palate, once a peasant dish and today featured in the August festival, an event held now for over twenty years at which resident Fardellesi meet up with emigrants home for the summer holidays but also with tourists drawn by this irresistible gastronomic opportunity.



Paths that lead through the unspoilt woods covering the hills of Serre and Manche and down the Barbattavio Park with its sports facilities offering all the benefits of mens sana in corpore sano: a healthy mind in a healthy body. The Belvedere, a natural theatre with views of the river Sinni and the peaks of the Pollino Massif, where the spectacle of extraordinary sunsets is reborn every day like a mysterious, age-old lullaby. The woods of Serra Cerrosa, Mesole and Piano Molino. In these places nature is still the powerful master, indomitable and unruly.