The Museo della Parola seeks to introduce visitors to the rural life and culture of Fardella through innovative channels such as a website with a virtual museum, a touring museum exhibit and permanent multimedia installations to be set up inside the old municipal olive press, where audiovisual material will tell the tale of this world in the words of its inhabitants.

The museum has unique features in the Basilicata region in that it proposes to harness the most modern multimedia technology in order to preserve not only the rural tradition but also the structure of the rapidly disappearing local dialect.

Unlike the traditional museums of rural life to be found in various towns, which focus on objects, the Museo della Parola assigns a leading role to people and especially the elderly with their stories, not only of their own lives but also and above all of everyday life as it was lived in the past.

The museum intends to gather information on all the aspects of the now vanished rural life such as particular agricultural activities, techniques of spinning and weaving, the use of ancient tools and agricultural machinery, culinary methods and recipes, stockbreeding techniques, old songs and nursery rhymes, and all related in dialect to ensure permanent preservation of all the nuances of a language otherwise doomed to extinction.

The project pursues the following qualitative and quantitative aims:
– to enhance awareness of rural culture and territory of Fardella
– to revalue and reinterpret traditions through the study of popular language
– to create a museum area harnessing innovative channels and new technologies so as to facilitate and foster an understanding of the town’s history, customs and rural traditions
– to involve the local population in a project designed to increase awareness of their cultural identity and the values or working together as a community
– to organize and present a multimedia cultural product in keeping with the identity, the socio-cultural elements and the prospects for innovation and diversification of tourist and cultural attractions in the context of the Pollino National Park
– to organize and present a cultural product also by means of brochures, guidebooks, CDs, DVDs and other multimedia channels
– to promote social and alternative tourism